Other Training and CPD

The Foundations of Mindfulness:

 A five-day retreat on Holy Island, Isle of Arran

 September 11-16th 2019

This retreat is hosted by Mindfulness Scotland. We will explore the Foundations of Mindfulness as taught in the core practices within Mindfulness Based stress reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy.

During the retreat we will explore the foundational Buddhists text for establishing Mindfulness and link this with current understanding of contemporary cognitive science.

We will explore the four ways of establishing Mindfulness as expressed in the Satipatthana Sutra. This ancient text is thought to link directly to the Buddha’s framework for cultivating mindfulness, and is a foundational text within Buddhist Psychology. We will explore this framework to support a deeper understanding of Mindfulness and its practice and how this relates to secular Mindfulness programmes (MBSR and MBCT in particular)

Teaching will be delivered by Dr Alistair Wilson supported by guided practices led by members of Mindfulness Scotland.


The teaching will include sessions with time for discussion on:

  • The Satipatthana Sutra – it’s historical context & place within Buddhist Psychology
  • Mindfulness of Body – as a foundational practice & the Neuroscience of somatic awareness
  • Mindfulness of Feeling – the concept of Vedana & review of contemporary Neuroscience of emotion.
  • Mindfulness of state of Mind – current science on craving
  • Mindfulness of content of Mind – dependant origination, cognition & suffering
  • The four Noble truths & a path out of suffering.

The retreat will also include:

  • Periods of silence to allow for a deeper reflection on our subjective experience
  • An afternoon break for rest , self practice and soaking in the beauty of Holy Island
  • The teaching element of the retreat will be completed by Saturday 14th to allow for a day of silent practice on Sunday 15th.


Retreat Information

This retreat is particularly suited to those who are currently teaching or planning to teach eight-week programmes or integrating Mindfulness into their professional work.  For others, we would recommend completion of an eight-week MBSR/MBCT course and an established personal practice.

This retreat will enable Mindfulness Teachers to fulfil the CPD requirement to attend an annual mindfulness retreat

Application and Booking:

We anticipate there will be a considerable level of interest in this retreat and would invite you to complete our application form at the bottom of this page.

The completed application should be submitted to


Application deadline: 22nd April 2019

We will contact you by 3rd May to confirm your place


Cost:   £ 150

Once your place has been confirmed please secure your booking through payment by transfer to:

Account name: Mindfulness Scotland

Account Number: 06002171

Sort Code: 80-07-15

It will greatly help our administrator if you reference your bank transfer as follows

H.I.2019 and then your initials (e.g.:  H.I.2019 SW)


Please note that this cost does not include accommodation which must be arranged separately with Holy Island once your application has been accepted.


Holy Island Centre for World Peace and Well-being offers a range of accommodation, excellent vegetarian food and a beautiful location to enhance your retreat experience. Please contact them to arrange accommodation once your place on the retreat has been confirmed



                              We look forward to joining you there


Application Form

Mindfulness Scotland CPD Retreat 2019

Holy Isle, Arran, 11th – 16th September


Unfortunately this retreat will have limited capacity. We will offer

places based on this application.


Please complete the following information and send it back to us at





Contact details:






Please tell us a bit about your mindfulness journey e.g.  When you attended your first 8 week course and a brief description about how you work with Mindfulness in your personal or work environment now:










Continue overleaf


Please let us know why you would like to attend this retreat:









Do you have any health issues that we should be aware of? e.g. any physical or emotional issues which may be challenging for you in a retreat environment. Dietary requirements can be discussed when you book your accommodation.





What happens next?

You will be informed about the outcome of your application by May 3rd.

The accommodation is booked directly through Holy Isle so please contact them on 01770 601100 or on line using the link below, if you have a place.


Please DO NOT arrange your accommodation until your place on the retreat has been confirmed.


With Best Wishes, from Mindfulness Scotland


Data protection: Please refer to our data protection policy https://www.mindfulnessscotland.org.uk/contact.html


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